I couldn’t let him die, Bobby. He’s my brother

you smile just like her (X)(X)

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"We’re all going to hell, Dean. Might as well enjoy the ride."

Jo Harvelle per Episode

↳ “Good God, Y’All” (S05E02)


9x18 “Metafiction” - The Trench-Coat and Free Will.

(image source http://casneedslove.tumblr.com/post/82868065367/castiel-in-9x18-meta-fiction )

At what point does Cas realise he is trapped in Metatron’s text?

In other words at what point does he become self-aware in “Metafiction”?

He notices in the re-created Gas-n-Sip (site of his “jilted lover” conversation as “Steve” with Dean in 9x06 ”Heaven Can’t Wait”) that a tear in the lining of his trench-coat is no longer there…

The trench-coat, as we know, has become the symbol of Castiel’s membership of Team Free Will, especially for Dean.

Dean kept it when Cas was swallowed by Leviathan and he returned it to ”Emmanuel” in 8x17.

Cas chose to re-create it, clean and shiny, in 8x07 when he emerged ”dirty” from Purgatory, a reassurance, for Dean in particular, that he was really back.

Originally his vessel, Jimmy Novak’s, the trench-coat symbolises Castiel’s path away from being a “good soldier” of Heaven and towards being a Winchester.

Here it becomes the means by which he breaks Metatron’s control.

Dean’s fight for and faith in Castiel as a free angel has gifted him the identity of the trench-coat, and that gift here, once again, helps Cas break free of the controlling forces of Heaven.  

Let’s talk about how many close ups there are of the boys in the damn car. Just silent close ups.